Brain mapping is defined as a neuroscience technique used to view and interpret how the brain—its wave patterns, electrical signals and pulses, neurons, and neural pathways—are functioning and reacting over a period of defined time. This is considered a mapping technique, as brain activity is observed via spatial representations of the different structural regions of the brain.


Used since the 1920s, the technology of brain mapping has advanced and evolved significantly over the past 90 years. Originally, brain mapping was utilized to capture moving pictures of brain activity in seizure patients. In the 1960s NASA advanced brain mapping technology as a means to view how astronauts’ brains were affected by weightlessness and space travel.

In comparison to an MRI or CT scan, which captures snapshots of brain activity, the advantages of brain mapping as a neuroimaging technique is that it provides a high definition movie of how the brain reacts, processes, and stabilizes under cognitive circumstances. These cognitive circumstances may include the mimicking of games or tasks that a brain mapping subject is asked to complete during a screening session. By analyzing this data we can synchronize what each brain region is doing simultaneously, as well observe the relationship between brain activity and other physiological functions like heart rhythm or pulse rate.


To analyze screening participants’ brain activity, we use an advanced qEEG device known as a NeuralScan. During screening sessions, cap sensors attached to the qEEG device are placed accordingly on a participant’s head. Each sensor connects synchronously, acting as individual anchor points for the monitoring of brain conduction.

As data is generated from the electrode sensors, the qEEG device’s software computes complex mathematical calculations to create several maps of a participant’s brain, as well as calculations that will be used to analyze performance efficiencies following task completion. During screening tasks, a participant’s brain activity is collected and mathematical models of how the brain functions under certain circumstances are generated.


There are millions of brain activity task combinations that can be administered for the purpose of brain mapping. In many screenings, and for the intent of the Former Player Study and Quality of Life screenings, participants’ perform specific tasks that prompt the mimicking of brain states that include relaxation, stress, and focus or high concentration. These tasks are conducted in the form of questionnaires and auditory question and answer sessions.

Based on individual screening performance, this method of screening provides visual evidence of how a participant’s brain reacts in real-time to screening session tasks. Observed and calculated data can then be compared to how a person feels following a screening—providing value and validity in brain science.

Providing a base performance standard, the data collected following the screening is then compared demographically to people in the same age and gender categories. Data collected can also be compared to participant heart rate data, providing observation models of the autonomic nervous system’s communication with the brain.

Former Player Study Quality of Life Data


Once all participants' brain mapping data is collected it is then separated into several separate categories for observation. For the Former Professional Football Player Brain Activity and Quality of Life Screenings these categories include:

  1. Brain processing speed
  2. Attention and concentration
  3. Visual and auditory response times
  4. Memory markers
  5. Brain activity comparison to the normal population


For many companies in the hemp health industry, individual testimonies and confirmations about feelings of wellness are used to determine hemp extract efficacy. While these types of observations do deserve merit, at PrimeMyBody we feel we can further support anecdotal evidence with measurable efficacy data from large participant sample sizes.

Analyzing individual and grouped participant brain activity data, we can accurately measure hemp extract effectiveness based on brain performance improvement metrics. These metrics are calculated by percentages and points that gauge performance improvements or impairments when compared to median performance population standards.

The most common outcomes of FOCUS hemp extract screenings are improved brain processing speed and task focus or concentration. With the qEEG-generated data we also observe the speed at which FOCUS’ compounds act on the body and brain.


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